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William Frye

William Frye is an independent and active man living on a few acres above Tollhouse, CA. One cold winter day, William went out to chop wood to warm his home, as he often did. But, unfortunately, William’s day wound up anything but typical.

Amber Humphreys

Just after New Year’s, Amber began to fall ill. She was experiencing cold-like symptoms and a fast-approaching loss of breath. With her lips a shade of blue and blood in her cough, Amber’s family feared for her life and pleaded with her to go to the hospital. It took several days and tons of encouragement, but Amber finally agreed to go. Once there, she was quickly admitted and intubated in the blink of an eye.

Derek Powers

That day began like a typical weekday for Derek Powers. He began his day by enjoying his morning coffee, then jumped on his Harley and hit the road to help a buddy with his tow truck company. Unfortunately, Derek never made it to his destination.

Greg Tanner

Greg Tanner works as the clinical director at a local substance abuse facility. For some time, Greg has experienced sciatic nerve pain in one of his legs. The pain progressively got worse and eventually affected both legs. Chalking it up to “wear-and-tear,” Greg assumed it would resolve itself with time and rest.

But Greg was mistaken.

Andi Hostetter

Andi Hostetter and her husband are adventurers, enjoying traveling and camping whenever possible. But during a recent trip to Tahoe, their adventures nearly became a thing of the past.

Brian Emo

One day, Brian felt something he described as “a bolt of electricity” accompanied by significant pain. Several tests revealed that Brian had a partial tear in his aortic lining and would need surgery immediately. The surgery was a success, but unfortunately, between the surgery’s conclusion and finding consciousness, he suffered a stroke.

Christian Beneke

Christian was so excited to be back on his board that he soon found himself going a bit too fast. Finding himself too far to the left, where the shade hid the ice and bumps, Christian attempted to correct his position. Unfortunately, he slipped and took a horrible tumble down the mountain. His fiance soon came upon him lying on the ground, his face and back bloody. Scariest of all, Christian couldn’t feel or move his legs.

Lorna Bonyhadi

Lorna has always lived a healthy and active life, but over time, she began having trouble with her knees due to the typical wear and tear of living. Lorna found herself shuffling, her legs bowed. She had undergone previous arthroscopic surgery and numerous injections, but her knees were bone on bone. With her instability and balance being a significant concern, Lorna underwent a double knee replacement.

Gayle Plummer

Gayle was rushing to get ready for her fiancé’s birthday party when she fell and fractured her hip. After surgery, she came to SJV with the goal to walk again on her wedding day.

David Guzman

David Guzman went to stand up one morning and felt like he could pass out. Following this feeling, the whole left side of his body went numb.