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Stanley Tanner

Stanley always thought of himself as healthy so it came as a shock when he suffered a stroke. He came to SJVRH with a positive attitude eager to start his recovery.

Pamela Russell

“I immediately felt taken care of and nothing but love. I would recommend SJVRH to anybody I know who is sick and needs help,” said Pamela Russell after suffering a brain stem stroke.

Alfredic A.

Alfredic was diagnosed with neurosarcoidosis, an incurable disease of the central nervous system. Though chronic, his condition could be improved with rehabilitation and a proper plan of care.

Claudia L.

One day, Claudia began by planning the errands she needed to attend to. It was early in the morning when Claudia left for her first destination. While en route, Claudia’s car was struck by another vehicle while passing through an intersection.

Jose Silva

“Absolutely every single person here has been so helpful and always offered me assistance when I needed it,” said Jose.

Elizabeth and Chris Balcom

After being on the road for some time, Elizabeth and Chris’s getaway came to an abrupt stop. Another driver, traveling at 70 MPH, attempted to pass multiple vehicles. The driver struck their truck head-on, causing significant damage and injury.

Patrick Thomas

Early one morning, Patrick woke to use the restroom. In an attempt to stand, he found himself stumbling to get to the bathroom. When he got to the mirror, staring back at him was a face completely drooped on one side. Patrick was having a stroke.

Chuck Gibson

When Chuck noticed some warning signs, he quickly called his cardiologist. “I felt a small pain in my chest and sometimes in my arm,” said Chuck. After meeting with his cardiologist, Dr. Reddy, Chuck learned that he would need open-heart surgery.

Lydia O.

After a few days, Lydia’s altered mental status worsened. Lydia underwent extensive tests and scans. This round of tests resulted in a conclusive diagnosis. Lydia had a right frontal brain mass.

David Petrosyan

Both Sam and Rob feared the worst when they saw David’s body lying motionless in the ditch. They repeatedly called his name, but received no response. “I remember opening my eyes and hearing my name being called,” David noted. “Then I feared that I was paralyzed – I couldn’t feel anything below my hips.”