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Ron Hill

Ron checked into Fresno’s Kaiser Permanente Medical Center the day he learned of his positive COVID-19 test. “At that point, I was sick and just remember praying to beat this thing,” he stated.

Enedina and Jose Galvan

As she drove down the highway, Enedina noticed the steering wheel started to shake. She completely lost control of her vehicle as it veered toward oncoming traffic. Then, the unthinkable happened. A tow truck and two semi-trucks slammed into their vehicle.

Don Luft

Don lived a life of purpose, rich with family and friends. Then, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. “Although this was difficult news, I accepted it, learned as much as I could, and never let it stop me,” said Don.

George Silva

George Silva remembered lying in bed one morning not feeling like his “normal” self. “Without a doubt in my mind, I knew something was wrong,” George said.

Baldomero Herebia

One day, Baldomero’s life took a sudden change of course. He fell at home, injuring his spine. Baldomero wouldn’t be the same again.

Olga A.

Upon arrival at the ER, doctors examined Olga and performed a CT scan and MRI. The results provided an explanation for the increased cranial pressure causing her symptoms. Olga had an acoustic neuroma, a benign tumor in the inner ear leading to the brain.

Carolyn Whalen

Carolyn went about her day as usual, backing her truck up to a hitch – something she’d done countless times with little effort needed. On her first attempt, Carolyn missed. She knew right away, something was wrong – this had never happened before.

Isidro P.

“I was in the backyard with my dogs and I tripped and fell pretty hard on the concrete,” explained Isidro. Despite being in a lot of pain, Isidro didn’t think medical attention was necessary at first. But the next day, the pain became intolerable.