Al L.

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, Al noticed that he was having problems catching his breath. He described it as “labored breathing.” As the trip continued, his condition didn’t improve. Concerned, he decided to contact his cardiologist when he returned home.

Al consulted with his doctor who explained the serious nature of his symptoms. His doctor recommended a consultation with a cardiothoracic surgeon. “I was referred to the heart surgeon extraordinaire, Dr. Khwaja,” he explained.

From that point on, things moved quickly. Several tests and careful examination determined that Al needed mitral valve surgery. He stated, “Dr. Khwaja worked on me for hours.” The surgery was a success and his family was relieved with the good news.

Al recuperated in the post-anesthesia care unit. His physician worked on a recommendation for his continued care. “Dr. Khwaja referred me to the best rehab in the San Joaquin Valley.” He decided to continue his recovery with the inpatient therapy department at San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital.

Upon his arrival to SJVRH, Dr. Cha evaluated Al and he met the members of his rehabilitation team. The goal was to get Al back home safely with his family. With the support from his physical and occupational therapists, nurses, and case managers, Al started to see real progress.

In a few weeks, Al discharged from SJVRH and returned home. “Dr. Cha and his supportive staff helped me get my life back,” he said as he thanked everyone. Today he is not only thankful for a successful recovery, but also for the many people he met along the way at SJVRH!