Amber Humphreys

Amber Humphreys is a mother, wife, and caregiver to many of those around her. She enjoys surrounding herself with friends & family and has mastered the art of extreme couponing.

Just after New Year’s, Amber began to fall ill. She was experiencing cold-like symptoms and a fast-approaching loss of breath. With her lips a shade of blue and blood in her cough, Amber’s family feared for her life and pleaded with her to go to the hospital. It took several days and tons of encouragement, but Amber finally agreed to go. Once there, she was quickly admitted and intubated in the blink of an eye.

Things seemed to go from bad to worse rather quickly. The doctors told Amber’s family there was nothing more they could do for her as she was maxed out on her vent and in a medically induced coma. The odds of her pulling through were slim. By some miracle, Amber began to improve. However, she was not in the clear. Any movement would cause desaturation. Her cuff blew on her trach, triggering her to vomit, at which point she aspirated. The aspiration caused sepsis and a lung collapse and resulted in the placement of a chest tube. Amber ended up with a rare form of bacterial infection that required a type of medication with varying dosages. Unfortunately, Amber received too much, which caused an acute kidney injury. The kidney injury resulted in Amber requiring dialysis. Despite this, Amber continued to fight and move in the proper direction.

After nearly six months in a hospital bed, Amber was down 240 lbs and was tube free. It was finally time to make a recovery plan. Amber was excited to come to San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital for inpatient therapy. She had not stood in those six months and was ready to get her life back.

Amber worked hard from day one at SJVRH. She learned to stand and walk short distances and soon could do many of the day-to-day tasks she was unable while at the previous hospitals. Then, after just a short stay, discharge planning began. She was now able to go home and be with her beloved family. Amber knows she still has further to go, but she plans to incorporate the things she learned at SJVRH and continue progressing with her brand new lease on life. Amber is nervous but so excited.

“I would absolutely tell anyone to come here. I wish I had been here the whole time.”