Chevita Taylor

Chevita Taylor is a mother, grandmother, and entrepreneur. She spent years working in social work and customer service. Recently she has found a passion for designing one-of-a-kind jewelry. She also creates low sodium spices for those with strict diets, like herself.

One Saturday, in the middle of the night, Chevita got up to use the restroom. She found herself struggling to rise out of bed and felt much weaker than usual. Thinking some fresh air would help, she made her way to the front door. While doing so, she started typing out a text to her son for help. Unfortunately, just as she got to the door, she fell, dropping her phone and causing it to land just out of her reach.

Chevita laid there for nearly an hour, focusing on breathing and staying calm. With the only strength she had left, she managed to get to her knees to reach her phone. She finished her text to her son, and he immediately came to her aid and called emergency services. They rushed her to a community hospital, where they confirmed she had a stroke.

The stroke left Chevita unable to walk or properly move her upper limbs. Chevita’s case manager recommended she continue her care at San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital. Upon arrival, Chevita’s care team informed her she would participate in three forms of therapy daily. This schedule intimidated her because she was unsure if she would be able to do it.

Despite this fear, Chevita began her therapy and got stronger each day. She appreciated the encouragement she received from her team of therapists. While holding back her tears, Chevita shared, “My experience was really great! I had a community of workers who made me laugh and put my mind at ease. Even at my weakest state, somebody made me feel okay, and that was BIG.”

Chevita showed up for herself each day, and it paid off! “I was hardly able to fix the covers at the edge of my bed when I first came in, and now, I can walk.” At discharge, she walked out of the facility leaving other patients with these words, “Follow all your instructions; be open to the knowledge that the people here are willing to teach you. Don’t fight it! The more you participate, the better you become.”