Chuck Gibson

Chuck Gibson has been enjoying retired life for more than 14 years and has managed to stay active and fully enjoying his retirement. During the course of those years, he faced some challenging health scares, but came out strong in the end.

Two years ago, Chuck suffered a mild stroke, which left some residual effects such as lower body weakness and some problems with his speech. “I came here to San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital after my stroke in 2018. That’s when I first heard of this hospital,” said Chuck. He shared that his stroke taught him to stay connected with his physicians and pay closer attention to his health.

So, last month, when Chuck noticed some warning signs, he quickly called his cardiologist for an appointment. “I felt a small pain in my chest and sometimes in my arm,” said Chuck. After meeting with his cardiologist, Dr. Reddy, and undergoing several tests, Chuck learned that he would need open-heart surgery.

“It was difficult learning that I needed major surgery, but I had confidence in my cardiologist, Dr. Reddy, and shortly after that, I meet with Dr. Khwaja, cardiovascular surgeon. I knew everything would be okay.” One week later, Chuck underwent a triple bypass at Fresno Heart Hospital, “Dr. Khwaja did a great job. I stayed at Fresno Surgical Hospital for a few days I was thrilled when I found out that he was sending me to SJV Rehab,” said Chuck.

During his time at SJV Rehab, Chuck worked with physical and occupational therapists to increase his endurance and regain his confidence in his ability to engage in physical activity again. “I have nothing but great things to say about my time here at SJV Rehab,” said Chuck. “Everyone was friendly, professional, and did a great job. I especially want to thank my rehab doctor, Dr. Singh who took time to see me every day to check on me.”

Chuck was able to go home as planned and get back to living life and enjoying life with his family and friends. He looks forward to perhaps, one day, getting back on the golf course, but in the meantime, he looks forward to simply enjoying life again.