Claudia L.

Claudia is a well-versed, retired teacher who enjoys writing, poetry, and spreading kindness whenever possible. She has traveled to many countries in her life and speaks five languages.

One day, Claudia began by planning the errands she needed to attend to. It was early in the morning when Claudia left for her first destination. While en route, Claudia’s car was struck by another vehicle while passing through an intersection. The collision caused her to hit her head, resulting in a loss of consciousness. Once awake, Claudia quickly discovered her car had been mangled and so had she. In addition to the significant blow to her head, Claudia had sustained multiple fractures. Fortunately, a good samaritan called 9-1-1 and she was immediately taken to Community Hospital in Clovis, where she remained for two nights.

Coincidentally enough, Claudia’s husband, Donald, needed acute therapy and was receiving that care at San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital. Naturally, she knew just where she needed to go to maximize her recovery experience. “I’m in their hands and they really know what they are doing,” said Claudia, remembering back.

Claudia explained that it was nothing short of a constant challenge as she worked around four fractures. She worked very hard with her team of therapists and required extra support from nursing. “They are wonderful. I appreciate everyone and everything” she shared.

Though Claudia’s fractures were not completely healed, she learned new ways to negotiate daily life as she waited for her body to mend. After several weeks at SJVRH, Claudia was released to go home and left behind insightful advice. “Come to SJVRH and buy into what your role is, because unless you buy into your role, your recovery is going to be stretched out longer.”

Claudia left with a wealth of knowledge and confidence to continue in the correct direction once home. She continues to heal on her journey back to better.