David Chavez

For many years, David Chavez struggled with back pain. Over time, the pain progressed to the point where it prevented him from standing for more than a few minutes at a time. David described this as living a life “less than satisfying and especially difficult.”

David underwent two surgeries hoping to reverse the wear and tear on his back. First, in 2016, David had his first two spinal discs fused together. But unfortunately, the procedure only provided temporary relief. In 2021, David underwent a second surgery where the following two spinal discs were fused together. Ultimately, that procedure left David in worse pain than before.

Seven years following his initial surgery, doctors presented David with the option of another procedure. This surgery, though major, offered the potential to decrease his pain by 75% while also giving him a high probability of walking without an assistive device.

David couldn’t refuse such impressive odds and decided to proceed. Five hours and 116 staples later, David’s old hardware was removed and replaced with a new and improved structure.

Next, David needed a proper rehabilitation plan to get him up and walking again. A friend recommended San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital, and after his daughter researched the inpatient rehab facility, they agreed that the hospital was the best choice for his recovery.

At San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital, David’s primary focus was improving his movement. After a week and a half, David could walk 300 feet and get in and out of bed with minimal assistance. He noticed significant improvement and felt very optimistic. “I’m able to move a lot better,” David noted. “And I can walk further.”

As he prepared to discharge from SJVRH and continue his recovery in an outpatient setting, David reflected on his experience. “The staff are all very, very good, very professional, very kind, and willing to help. It’s been a great deal of help having them be there for me. The staff is number one, the doctors are top-notch, and a lot of the patients I’ve met here have been very nice. You can tell they are in a good place because they are happy about the work they are doing and [about] being here.”