David Guzman

David Guzman is a hardworking man and father who enjoys spending time with his girlfriend. They enjoy traveling and exploring out of town when they can.

Late one morning, David and his brother were working on a tire rotation when they realized they needed an additional part. His brother left to go to the nearest auto store while David continued to work on the vehicle. Suddenly, he began to feel very strange; he felt as though he could pass out.

By the time his brother returned, David couldn’t get off the ground and quickly lost control of the left side of his body. David was reluctant to have emergency services called. As time went on, the numbness worsened. After a call to 911, he was swiftly transported to Hanford Hospital, where they confirmed he had a stroke.

Unable to walk or move anything on his left side, David’s physicians suggested that he participate in inpatient therapy. After a short stay in Hanford, he transferred to San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital to begin his journey back to better. He immediately felt comfortable at SJVRH and knew that if he followed the instructions given by his care team, he would have a great outcome. He put his all into the recovery process.

“I tried to do everything that they wanted me to do to get better, and it worked! I couldn’t move my leg, I couldn’t move my arm, but every little exercise helped me improve,” David explained.

After a brief stay, David can now walk and move almost everything on his affected side. He knows with more time and practice that he will get back to where he was before the stroke. David left with a day-by-day approach and looks forward to home-cooked Mexican cuisine and continued progress.