Fidencio Minjares

While on vacation in Mexico, Fidencio Minjares started to feel “off” and “weak.” After three days of this sensation, Fidencio began to experience shortness of breath and lost his ability to talk. Then, the strength and function throughout his body faded away. He sought medical assistance from three specialists while in Mexico, but they could not provide the care he needed.

Needing to return to the US, Fidencio’s wife drove him to the border to meet his nephew, who transported him the rest of the way home. After spending more than 24 hours in the car—not including the time he waited to cross the border—Fidencio went directly to the nearest local hospital.

Fidencio had just experienced his second stroke in two months, and this one was more significant than the last. Following his first stroke, Fidencio came to San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital for his therapy and recovered well. While he lost function in his left side after the first stroke, this time, Fidencio lost all function, unable to even swallow liquids. He chose to return to SJVRH for his recovery following the second stroke.

After a few weeks of hard work and proper guidance from the staff at SJVRH, Fidencio regained all of his function. He even walked out of SJVRH on his discharge day without assistance—a true victory!

“We never thought we would see this day,” said Fidencio’s son as he contemplated the moment his father was taken away in an ambulance.

“If anyone ever had any questions about this place, I would highly recommend it to them. They all do a great job. It’s amazing! It truly is amazing!” Fidencio said through his son, who translated for him.

“This place is sacred to me at this point. Coming here, they literally do miracles. They do the impossible!”