Guadalupe Hinojosa

Guadalupe Hinojosa is a husband, father, and mentor. He worked in IT tech for years and enjoys coaching basketball in his spare time. He loves traveling and creating memories with his family.

Guadalupe’s family contracted COVID-19, and it spread quickly throughout their home. Everyone recovered except for Guadalupe. After five days of being sick, things began to take a turn for the worse. He explains it as “zoning out”. Alarmed, Guadalupe’s wife decided to take him to the emergency room. There he recalls signing in, and then everything else is a blur.

Once admitted, Guadalupe began to fade fast. His survival rate went down to 10%. His physicians suggested ventilator support, but his family refused. With the help of oxygen, a BiPAP machine, and a pic line, Guadalupe began to recover. Carried by the unconditional support of his family and his strong faith in God, Guadalupe pulled through.

After two months of fighting for his life in the ICU, Guadalupe’s physicians suggested he continue his recovery with physical therapy. He and his family chose San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital for his continued care. At first, he felt scared to start his rehabilitation at SJVRH. He grew accustomed to living at the hospital and was unsure of the challenges ahead.

To his surprise, Guadalupe felt less anxious and less depressed. He explained, “As soon as I got here, the whole energy changed positively.” As he got his taste back, he began to eat every meal, something he couldn’t do before he transitioned to SJVRH. Guadalupe stayed dedicated to his recovery and worked hard each day.

“Once you find that motivation, everything gets easier, and you start to build confidence every single day,” Guadalupe said.

When he first arrived, Guadalupe couldn’t sit up on his own. Now he can walk and doesn’t rely so heavily on oxygen. “The whole PT staff, the OTs, and everyone has done a great job with me.” Guadalupe looks forward to coaching basketball again and is planning a proper getaway with his wife.