Isidro P.

Isidro had been a patient at San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital before. Several years ago, he came to SJVRH after suffering a stroke.

“I remember being here before, after I had my stroke,” stated Isidro. “I was able to go home and I even went back to work shortly after.”

Isidro recalled how the therapists helped him regain his endurance after the stroke, which left him weak and deconditioned. So when Isidro suffered a fall at home, he knew where he wanted to recover.

“I was in the backyard with my dogs and I tripped and fell pretty hard on the concrete,” explained Isidro. Despite being in a lot of pain, Isidro didn’t think medical attention was necessary at first. But the next day, the pain became intolerable. After talking with his sister, Isidro decided to go to the emergency room.

The ER physician completed an examination and an x-ray. Isidro had a fracture in his pelvic and hip region. The doctor recommended several days in the hospital before a transfer to acute rehabilitation for physical and occupational therapy.

After a week in the hospital, Isidro eagerly began his road to recovery at SJVRH.

“I didn’t expect to come back to SJVRH so soon, but I‘m happy to be here. I know I have a good chance of getting back home,” said Isidro.

“I’ve been here before and feel confident that I will get better and be able to get home from here. I’m thankful that places like SJVRH are available because it’s given me a little extra time to learn how to work with my injury as I try to heal and get better.”

After several weeks at SJVRH, Isidro was able to meet his goal and discharge home!