Lorna Bonyhadi

A retired RN, Lorna Bonyhadi enjoys quality time with friends, traveling, gardening, reading, and being submerged in new culture. Lorna has been on many adventures in her lifetime and has been all over the world.

Lorna has always lived a healthy and active life, but over time, she began having trouble with her knees due to the typical wear and tear of living. Lorna found herself shuffling, her legs bowed. She had undergone previous arthroscopic surgery and numerous injections, but her knees were bone on bone. With her instability and balance being a significant concern, Lorna underwent a double knee replacement.

After her first surgery, Lorna was sent to a skilled care facility. Though she had wonderful care, Lorna received minimal therapy, something she regretted after all was said and done. So, when scheduling her second knee surgery, Lorna evaluated her options. She determined inpatient therapy would be most beneficial, seeing as she lives alone and is of a certain age.

Having heard excellent things about San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital through friends and the community, Lorna felt the decision was easy. “I knew this was the only place I wanted to go.”

Intensive inpatient rehabilitation would be a challenge, but one for which Lorna was prepared. She knew she would, in turn, get excellent results from her therapy program.

“I feel that my rehabilitation was certainly expedited, and I have nothing but good things to say,” Lorna shared. “I received a lot of attention with both occupational therapy and physical therapy. The staff was great, and the food was great.”

After a short stay, Lorna discharged home. She continued her recovery with outpatient therapy at her surgeon’s office. “They were amazed that I had such advanced flexion.”

Lorna has a planned trip to San Miguel Allende. She looks forward to a pain-free journey and many more to come.