Lydia O.

In late August, Lydia was rushed to the Fresno Veterans Affairs Medical Center. What started out as severe stomach pain quickly turned into an altered mental status. Lydia began to experience memory loss and found herself lacking balance while standing or walking.

“I’m glad my sister got me to the hospital right away,” said Lydia. At the VA Medical Center, Lydia underwent extensive tests to determine what each of her many symptoms indicated.

But after a few days at the VA Medical Center, Lydia’s altered mental status worsened. She transferred to Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno where she admitted to the ICU. Again, Lydia underwent extensive tests and scans.

This round of tests resulted in a conclusive diagnosis. Lydia had a right frontal brain mass. Treatments, along with a craniotomy, resulted in a huge improvement in how Lydia felt. “The really bad headaches were gone and I felt pretty good.”

After nearly three weeks of hospitalization, it was time for the next stage of Lydia’s recovery. Her doctors recommended an inpatient acute rehab hospital. Lydia looked forward to continuing her rehabilitation at San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital as recommended.

“Once I arrived at SJRVH, I started to get stronger every day,” said Lydia. “My goal is to get back to enjoying my life with my family, especially my grandkids.”

Lydia worked closely with her physical and occupational therapists toward her goals of regaining strength, endurance, and coordination. “I’m happy that I accomplished my goals because I can move onto the next goals I have ahead of me,” said Lydia. She explained how much she appreciated coming to SJVRH as she nearly changed her mind. “I’m glad I came because I saw improvements right away and I’m glad I came.”

Lydia wanted to thank everyone at SJVRH for their patience and help with accomplishing her goals. “The therapists were great and so were the nurses. Christopher and Rose were so nice, so kind and so helpful,” Lydia stated. “

Now I’m ready to move on to new goals,” said Lydia as she left SJVRH feeling stronger and more hopeful of her future.