Mark Curtiss

Mark Curtiss is a father and a grandfather. He enjoys swimming, hiking, and participating in “low-key” golfing. For the last 25 years, Mark has worked for Valley Children’s Hospital doing poison control and is very close to retirement.

One September day, Mark went to get a pedicure as part of his birthday celebration. Unfortunately, Mark fainted and landed directly on the concrete when he left. Having lost consciousness, Mark woke up unable to move, with his wife holding his hand. Emergency services were called immediately and transported him to the nearest hospital. As a result of the fall, Mark broke his hip and would need a full replacement.

After his hip replacement surgery, Mark’s doctors recommended he participate in physical therapy. He was referred to San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital, which pleased him. Mark was familiar with SJVRH, as his mother had been a patient and had only great things to say about her experience.

Unfortunately, replacing Mark’s hip proved to be problematic. During his first day of rehab, his hip popped out. This meant a transfer back to Stanford University Hospital for another full hip replacement. Before he could fully participate in therapy, Mark’s hip popped out a total of three times.

“The surgeon was very cautious and applied a lot of restrictions, but the therapy teams following it to the T,” Mark recalled.

During his stay at SJVRH, Mark made steady progress. “I have so many people to thank,” Mark stated. “Everyone’s energy and kindness were amazing!”

“I would recommend SJVRH over and over again. I really mean it.”

Mark can now walk with a walker and is expected to make a full recovery. He plans to continue outpatient therapy through SJVRH’s outpatient clinic. Mark is very much looking forward to getting back to hiking and golfing.