Marlyn Casillas Rodriguez

The car accident was one of those that would change everything.

Marlyn Casillas Rodriguez was traveling in her car when another vehicle driving in the opposite direction attempted to pass the car in front of them. The passing vehicle collided with Marlyn’s car head-on. Marlyn’s car flipped five times.

In the accident, Marlyn sustained significant injuries, including fractures of her pelvis, hip, and left leg. She was rushed by ambulance to the community hospital, where Maryln received word that she would be paralyzed for the rest of her life.

Two days later, Marlyn transferred to a hospital in San Francisco for surgery. She spent the next two weeks there recovering and discussing her next steps with her care team. Marlyn wanted to attempt therapy with the hope of being able to walk again one day. Her case manager recommended San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital to help Marlyn achieve her goal.

Because of her fresh wounds and mending bones, Marlyn had significant restrictions on her movement when she arrived at SJVRH. As a result, Marlyn had to begin learning to do everything in a wheelchair while her body continued to heal.

“I was not able to get up by myself, or event feel my leg,” Marlyn recalled. “Now I am able to feel it more. I am able to move it more, too.”

Throughout her stay, Marlyn worked hard under the supervision of the therapy and nursing staff at SJVRH. She has progressed well and can do everything she needs to independently. Marlyn’s next goal is to complete her exercises by herself.

“I really think you guys have a good team,” Marlyn said about her experience at San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital. “This place is very helpful. It has helped me the most. I recommend that anyone who needs therapy come here.”

Having learned everything she needs to return home safely, Marlyn will continue to heal and recover from the comfort of her own home.