Neil Winan

A small hole in Neil Winan’s foot started a journey he never expected to take. Neil’s physician diagnosed him with an infection known as osteomyelitis, a serious infection of the bone. The vicious chase to excise the infection led to amputation, which began conservatively but ultimately led to the removal of Neil’s whole leg.

Following the amputation, Neil is free of osteomyelitis but requires a prosthetic leg to live a functional life. Once properly healed, Neil admitted to San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital’s CARF-accredited amputee rehabilitation program at the advice of his physician.

Before arriving at SJVRH, Neil had endured three long years of surgeries, skilled nursing facilities, and being a prisoner in his own home due to the lack of mobility. Previously bedridden, Neil made incredible progress during his two weeks of intensive therapy and hard work at SJVRH. He now feels comfortable returning home to take care of himself with the assistance of his wife.

“Now I’m able to get up with the walker and walk, and get through the door and sit down,” Neil said, adding that previously he couldn’t go anywhere without wheelchair availability. “San Joaquin [Valley Rehabilitation Hospital] made it possible for me to stand up and walk again.”

“It’s exciting for me. I have a long journey ahead of me, but this is the first stepping stone, and it was a good stepping stone. I’ve gained my muscle back, and I’ve learned that I can do it—I am capable.”

The staff at San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital left a significant impact on Neil during their two weeks together. “I felt comfortable right away,” he stated. “They show compassion and care for you. They really want to see you strive and accomplish what you came here for.”

“If you need to find a rehab place, look this place up because it definitely is a well-respected and nice place to go.”

Neil looks forward to returning home, walking, and utilizing the outpatient therapy services offered at SJVRH to continue building upon his strength and newly gained knowledge.

“I’m ready to start living again,” Neil added.