Pamela Russell

Pamela Russell spent most of her adult life in the medical field caring for other people as a certified nursing assistant. After 34 years, Pamela was able to take her professional skills and apply them in her personal life, caring for her parents. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, baking, and sewing. “I can take just about anything and make a pie out of it,” stated Pamela.

One day, like most afternoons, Pamela put aside some time to cook dinner for her family. She spent hours in the kitchen preparing the meal for a large gathering. Dinner was served and everyone was relaxed, enjoying the meal she prepared. Once dinner came to an end, Pamela excused herself to go to the restroom. The moment she entered the bathroom, she collapsed and was unable to get up.

From a nearby room, Pamela’s daughter and grandson heard the sound of her fall and quickly came to her aid. She had fallen in front of the door, blocking anyone’s entrance. Her daughter and grandson pushed and wiggled the door until they were finally able to reach her. Once they got into the bathroom, they attempted to assist her in standing, thinking it was simply a weakness in her leg.

To everyone’s surprise, Pamela was unable to stand. Upon attempting to speak, she felt as though her mouth was twisted in a knot and had difficulty formulating a sentence. At this point, she knew she was having a stroke. Her family quickly called for an ambulance and she was rushed to a nearby emergency room where she was admitted for a brain stem stroke.

Pamela recalled spending days in the hospital and was grateful that she started showing signs of improvement. Then, the day came when her doctor said she was ready to transfer to San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital. She instantly felt confident once she arrived. Even though she knew the physical therapy ahead of her would be hard work and at times uncomfortable, she knew she was in great hands.

“I immediately felt taken care of and nothing but love,” Pamela shared. “I can’t name you all but I can personally say I will carry you all the days of my life because you all have been such a big help,” she continued.

With each day that passed, Pamela spoke clearer, became stronger, and gained more body control. She finds her strength and happiness in the Lord and through her family. Her positive attitude and strong faith continued to assure her she would eventually get back to where she was before. “I would recommend San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital to anybody I know who is sick and needs help,” she said. Pamela is very excited about her continued progress and road back to better.