Stanley Tanner

Stanley Tanner’s life could easily be categorized as a dream. He worked in the transmission and engineering department at PG&E for several decades and loved his job. Stanley enjoyed spending time with family and was also passionate about his hobbies. He liked going to the gym regularly and worked on just about anything with an engine.

Except for diabetes, which he manages, Stanley always thought of himself as healthy. It came as a shock when he was overcome by an unfamiliar sensation one Sunday afternoon. He recalled telling his wife that he didn’t feel well enough to attend church and had a terrible headache. When he attempted to freshen up, his headache morphed into something more severe.

Stanley began to experience a tingling sensation on the right side of his body, causing him to rush to the couch to rest. He yelled for his wife, “Something is wrong. I feel like I might be having a stroke.” She immediately called 911 as he could no longer stand on his own. Once the first responders arrived, Stanley was taken to Clovis Community Hospital. He was admitted as a patient and ended up staying for nearly four weeks.

Stanley’s case managers recommended San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital for inpatient therapy. He agreed to go to SJVRH based on the positive reviews that he read and heard about. When he first arrived, he was unable to walk but eager to get started.

Even though he faced a lot of challenges, Stanley maintained a positive attitude. He trusted the staff and would say, “I’m here to do what you tell me to do, to the best of my ability.” And he did just that. With the thought of one day working, driving, and building again, he didn’t hesitate and listened to every piece of advice offered.

“All the therapists are so well trained and know what they are doing. All are very professional and know how to thoroughly evaluate,” said Stanley.

After two weeks, Stanley was discharged and continued his progress with SJVRH’s outpatient therapy services. He is now able to walk and looks forward to the day he can drive again and return to work. “I want to thank all of you for literally getting me back on my feet,” he said, adding, “you are all fantastic.”

With each day that passes, Stanley explained how appreciative he feels for the progress he has made. He expressed how big a role SJVRH played, both in getting him to where he is now and helping him continue his journey back to better.