William Frye

William Frye is an independent and active man living on a few acres above Tollhouse, CA. One cold winter day, William went out to chop wood to warm his home, as he often did. But, unfortunately, William’s day wound up anything but typical.

While placing his freshly cut wood on his hearth, William collapsed. He knew right away that he was suffering a stroke. William crawled to the door to stop the cold coming in and then crawled to the phone. He called 911, but they told him no one was available to help, and to call back. He then called his daughter, who also called 911 and received the same response. Finally, after numerous attempts, an ambulance was sent from the Shaver area.

The ambulance rushed William to Clovis Community Medical Center. Thankfully, he realized his stroke quickly enough to receive a clot-busting injection while in the ambulance, which prevented the stroke from wreaking additional havoc on his body.

After a week and a half in the general hospital, a discharge plan began to materialize. William had previously heard of the services offered at San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital from a friend who had great outcomes at the rehab hospital. William knew he, too, needed to come to SJVRH. There was nowhere else he wanted to go.

When William arrived at SJVRH, his right arm had lost all function, and he could not do much of anything. But after a couple of short weeks, William had made such substantial progress in his recovery that he could care for himself once again.

William cannot wait to return to his remarkable, independent life. Until then, he looks forward to making continued progress through the outpatient therapy program at SJVRH.

“This is the best place you can come,” William said. “Food’s good, people are great, what more do you need? They know what they are doing to rehab you. It’s been good all the way around.”