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Fidencio Minjares

While on vacation in Mexico, Fidencio Minjares started to feel “off” and “weak.” After three days of this sensation, Fidencio began to experience shortness of breath and lost his ability to talk. Then, the strength and function throughout his body faded away. He sought medical assistance from three specialists while in Mexico, but they could not provide the care he needed.

Veronica Cabrera

One hot summer day, Veronica Cabrera and her children visited her parent’s home to gather and beat the heat. She intended to relax in the pool, but after a short 30 minutes, an overwhelmingly uneasy feeling came over her.

William Frye

William Frye is an independent and active man living on a few acres above Tollhouse, CA. One cold winter day, William went out to chop wood to warm his home, as he often did. But, unfortunately, William’s day wound up anything but typical.

Andi Hostetter

Andi Hostetter and her husband are adventurers, enjoying traveling and camping whenever possible. But during a recent trip to Tahoe, their adventures nearly became a thing of the past.

Brian Emo

One day, Brian felt something he described as “a bolt of electricity” accompanied by significant pain. Several tests revealed that Brian had a partial tear in his aortic lining and would need surgery immediately. The surgery was a success, but unfortunately, between the surgery’s conclusion and finding consciousness, he suffered a stroke.

David Guzman

David Guzman went to stand up one morning and felt like he could pass out. Following this feeling, the whole left side of his body went numb.

James Hill

James Hill’s life was quickly interrupted when he suffered a stroke. His condition left him unable to take care of his daily activities, leading him to seek intensive therapy at SJV.

Chevita Taylor

Chevita’s son rushed her to the hospital after finding her on the floor at home. She suffered a stroke that left her unable to walk or use her upper limbs. Although intimidated at first, she stayed dedicated to her recovery at SJVRH.

Susan A.

While out to dinner with her husband, Susan began having difficulties swallowing. She didn’t think anything of it and went on with her night. Shortly after returning home, she suffered a stroke leaving her unable to walk or talk.

Thierry L.

Thierry L. couldn’t move the right side of his body after suffering a stroke at work. With the help of his care team, he accomplished his recovery goals including, managing stress.