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Marlyn Casillas Rodriguez

The car accident was one of those that would change everything. In the accident, Marlyn sustained significant injuries, including fractures of her pelvis, hip, and left leg. She was rushed by ambulance to the community hospital, where Maryln received word that she would be paralyzed for the rest of her life.

Claudia L.

One day, Claudia began by planning the errands she needed to attend to. It was early in the morning when Claudia left for her first destination. While en route, Claudia’s car was struck by another vehicle while passing through an intersection.

Elizabeth and Chris Balcom

After being on the road for some time, Elizabeth and Chris’s getaway came to an abrupt stop. Another driver, traveling at 70 MPH, attempted to pass multiple vehicles. The driver struck their truck head-on, causing significant damage and injury.

Enedina and Jose Galvan

As she drove down the highway, Enedina noticed the steering wheel started to shake. She completely lost control of her vehicle as it veered toward oncoming traffic. Then, the unthinkable happened. A tow truck and two semi-trucks slammed into their vehicle.